The Filmmaking Process Builds Entrepreneurial Mindsets and Leadership Skills

Transcript from the ‘Hollywood, Unapologetic!‘ episode, written by Orlando Delbert.

I wanted to speak a little bit about how the filmmaking process builds entrepreneurial mindsets and leadership skills.

Most of you watching this fall under the 75 million young people that make up the “millennial” generation. Every one of you is influenced in some way or another by what you see on screen, and the music you listen to on the radio. The clothes worn by celebrities and seen in magazines, as well as one other by creating trending topics on social media influence you.

There is a lot of power your generation has due to the direct influence you have sociologically and the immediate accessibility to the distribution of your ideas, and also the affordability of tools to manifest those ideas. Yes, how you use your smartphones. I want you to really give this some thought.

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Days of the industrialized Hollywood machine of the Golden Age of Hollywood are long gone. The “old Hollywood” way of doing business has changed dramatically since then. History has shown us that mass media can effectively influence change. As a community of content creators, we are in a unique position to influence change, and it is our responsibility to do so. We have the power to capture events as they occur and broadcast them live over social media. No time ever before was it possible for the average man to have access to a worldwide audience, in real-time.

If you ever posted anything on social media, a photo or a video, or shared a text message, you unknowingly already are a content creator. Think about it. If you’ve ever taken a “selfie” and posted that on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account, and your friends “liked” and shared it, you are influencing others. You are a content creator. And even subtly, you are influencing those who have seen or read what you have shared.

Imagine the influence your posts can have on one another if you were mindful of a specific topic or theme. Or better said, imagine the influence your posts can have on a whole generation when there is a purpose to the message you are conveying to the public.

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So here is a challenge I have for you. I would like you to consider what is happening in your world, your neighborhood, your life, and make a sober assessment of what is going on, and really think about how those in your immediate circle are affected by the state of your community. Then take a step back and look at everything objectively. Or pick something you enjoy doing. If you like fashion, video games, comedy, your dog, or whatever puts a smile on your face, think about how you can take what you love and build something from it.

Some of you may be thinking about not having the right camera or lighting equipment. Or you may be thinking about how can you afford to shoot something. If you have a smartphone, you can begin shooting today. If you want to make small videos shot in your home, you can use the camera built into your monitor.

Of course, the quality your production will be greatly effected by the tools you use. But for any of you that don’t know where to begin, take what you have and begin creating today. You can always upgrade your gear, as you get better. And that is the point. You can begin learning the basics of filmmaking today, as you are working towards your goal of being a better content creator.

Many of you watching this dream of being a film director, actor, musician, or a role in one of the many trades involved in the entertainment industry. My question to you is what do I have access to right now that can help me tell my story?

Many people don’t take advantage of their full potential. I strongly believe we all have the qualities of being a leader. There is an entrepreneur spirit that many individuals in power positions have, and the balls to have a plan and just run with it, no matter what. And the willingness to adapt to circumstances to keep moving forward.

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The filmmaking process builds entrepreneurial mindsets and leadership skills you can use in all aspects of life. These same skills build problem-solving abilities. To put it simply, leaders will always find a way.

Please consider what I offered you today, and consider what your role is as a new generation of content creators. And feel free to take advantage of other members in the New Hollywood Generation community. We are all here to grow together and help one another.

The world is greatly influenced by what is seen on the screen and heard on the radio. Let’s be the “New Hollywood Generation.” Let’s give them something that will drive everyone to do something bigger and to make a positive difference in the world.

Something I’d like to leave you with: We are all in it together. Each and every one of you is an important part of our future. You are important to the lives of those who surround you. You are important to your communities. You are important to our industry. No matter what, remain optimistic and focused on your goal. Never stop believing in yourself! And always remember: You are the key to your own success. Take a breath. Move forward.

Together, let’s create a revival; the resurgence of Hollywood, and bring back the auteur to cinema. Be an active part of the “New Hollywood Generation”! YOU are a representative of the “New Hollywood Generation”. And please subscribe to our channel, and share. Interviews are coming. And follow the link below to check our or swag.

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